Bartolomeo Cristofori


Composers and performance uses 

Many of our most famous composers would not have composed the pieces we love if not for the invention of the instrument for them to beplayed on. Composers like Beethoven, Bach, Hayden, and even more modern composers like David lanz, William Joseph, Jon Schmit, George Winston, Billy Joel, or Elton John Probably never would have created there wonderful music if not for the pianos invention.We also wouldn't have pieces like Cristofori's Dream, Music box dancer, St. Elmo's fire, Memory, Nocturne, Rhapsody in Blue, The Phantom of the Opera simply because most composers start with piano to pick out  the piece because it can play both the melody and harmoney parts at the same time. Choirs use the piano emensly as accompaniment intrament and to help pick out the harmony parts. It is also used to help tune other instraments because it stays in tune longer than most and it's easy to pick out one note at a time.



the Piano has been the basis for any keyboard instrument that has come after it and has been imporved on and change through the years.  Since Cristofori's first piano we now have the synthesizer, electic pianos, uprights, concert grands, baby grands, the console, studio pianos and spinets.( Collson, Ernest).The instrument of the piano has been a part of the invention world for hundreds of years and it continues to have influence.

in the last three hundered years we've gone from Cristofori's first piano ( seen to the left ( Grand Piano))

to the modern concert grand ( below (steingraeber)


 to the elecric synthesizer, and several kinds of electric piano. (elite choice)